Editorial Policy

At BitcoinGambling.org, we are committed to delivering news and information about the Bitcoin gambling industry with the highest standards of journalistic integrity. This Editorial Policy outlines our approach to news gathering, source verification, and content creation.

1. Commitment to Accuracy

  • We strive to ensure that all information published on BitcoinGambling.org is accurate, fair, and complete.
  • Our writers and editors fact-check content rigorously and correct any errors promptly.

2. Source Verification

  • We rely on credible and reliable sources for our news and information.
  • Sources are thoroughly vetted and cross-checked to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Confidentiality of sources is respected in situations where anonymity is requested and justified.

3. Independence and Impartiality

  • Our content is created independently and free from external influence.
  • We maintain impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest in our reporting.

4. Transparency

  • Any potential conflicts of interest related to our content or staff are disclosed to our readers.
  • Corrections, clarifications, and retractions are published transparently and promptly.

5. Ethical Journalism

  • We adhere to the principles of ethical journalism, respecting privacy, avoiding libel, and ensuring that our content does not incite hatred or discrimination.
  • We do not plagiarize and always give proper attribution for content sourced from other media.

6. Reader Engagement and Feedback

  • We value reader feedback and encourage our audience to engage with our content through comments and social media.
  • Feedback is used to improve our reporting and editorial processes.

7. Content Review and Approval

  • All content undergoes a thorough review process, including editorial review to ensure adherence to our standards.
  • Editorial decisions are made based on newsworthiness, relevance, and interest to our audience.

8. Advertising and Sponsored Content

  • Sponsored content and advertising are clearly distinguished from editorial content.
  • We ensure that sponsored content aligns with our editorial values and does not influence our editorial content.

9. Continuous Improvement

  • Our editorial policies and practices are continually reviewed and updated to adapt to the evolving media landscape and standards.

10. Contact Us For any concerns or questions regarding our Editorial Policy, please contact us at.