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Rising Stars: New and Promising Bitcoin Betting Sites Reviewed

As the world becomes more familiar with the nascent technologies emerging from the corners of our digital society, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue their upward climb, both in terms of market value and global acceptance. A continued trend we observe is the increasing incorporation of Bitcoin into gambling and sports betting platforms. A flexible, secure and decentralized medium of exchange, Bitcoin and simsilar cryptocurrencies offer a unique range of benefits to both the operator and player, opening up a brand new landscape of opportunities for the online gambling sphere.

One such arena where Bitcoin is making a major impact is the world of online betting. This avenue, which had hitherto been traditional in its dealings, is now feeling the raucous wave of modernity in the form of Bitcoin betting sites. A new breed of betting sites has begun to emerge, boasting an array of attractions such as instant pay-outs, fairness in odds and anonymity to gamblers. In this feature, we take a deep dive into these rising stars in the Bitcoin betting industry.

One of the most promising newcomers in the Bitcoin betting space is BetFury. This platform offers free Bitcoins to its customers every 20 minutes. A variety of betting games are offered on the platform, including dice, plinko, mines, hi-lo, and coin flip, to name a few. This betting site has built a formidable reputation for its dependability, user-friendly design, and strong customer service, becoming one of the fastest growing Bitcoin casinos in the marketplace. is another cryptocurrency betting site making significant waves. Despite only being launched in 2017, it has quickly established itself as a trusted player in the scene. It is renowned for its transparency and fairness, boasting a provably fair system. offers over 500 games and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Bitsler is also worthy of a mention. Since its launch in 2015, Bitsler has been framed as an exciting Bitcoin betting venue that focuses on providing a user-centric experience. With attractive graphics and intuitive user interface, Bitsler offers almost 20 quality generic casino games. Players can also interact with each other on the platform’s forum, strengthening the sense of community. is an emerging name in the world of Bitcoin sports betting. This decentralized betting exchange allows users to place bets against each other, adding a new dimension to the betting experience. SportX offers a wide range of sports and hundreds of different betting markets and is built on blockchain technology, allowing for superior security and trustworthiness. is demonstrating how traditional online casinos can seamlessly transition to using cryptocurrencies. The platform offers all the familiar casino games one would expect, such as roulette, blackjack, and slots, but adds the benefits of Bitcoin, making for a unique and rewarding experience for gamblers.

While these are some of the standout performers in the ever-growing Bitcoin betting scene, a significant amount of new platforms are also emerging, each bringing its own unique spin to the world of betting. The interweaving of cryptocurrencies into the realm of online betting maintains its momentum, continuing to redefine the industry landscape.

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