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Provably Fair Gaming: Which Sites Truly Measure Up?

In the world of online gaming, legitimacy and fairness have always been of utmost concern. With the merging of the gaming world and the crypto world through Bitcoin gambling websites, the need for a trustless and transparent system was more pressing than ever. This has led to the birth of the concept of “Provably Fair Gaming.” For the uninitiated, this term might seem technical and complex, but it is just a blockchain-based technology to ensure fairness in gameplay.

The technology of provably fair gaming guarantees that the outcome of a game is completely random and free from manipulation. It uses complex mathematical algorithms and cryptographic techniques to provide evidence that nobody has tampered with the game. Now, the question arises: With numerous Bitcoin gambling sites asserting to offer provably fair games, which ones truly measure up to the expectations? This news piece aims to sift through the noise and zero in on sites that truly deliver on their promise.

# Bitcoin Games

First on our list is Bitcoin Games, a pure Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash gaming site. Bitcoin Games offers a simple to use the platform, with games like dice, slots, and roulette offered. With its promise of ‘provably fair’ gaming, Bitcoin Games provides players proof that each game has been randomly generated and hasn’t been tampered with, offering complete transparency to its users. The hash of each game is shared with the player, allowing them to verify the legitimacy of the round.

# Fortune Jack

Offering 5 BTC plus 250 free spins as a welcome bonus, Fortune Jack is touted as having one of the largest selections of provably fair games. To ensure fairness in gameplay, Fortune Jack implements the ‘provably fair’ algorithm, allowing players to access and verify the fairness of their bets through cryptographic hash functions. It incorporates games like Poker, Blackjack, Slots, and Roulette. What gives Fortune Jack an edge over others is its dedication to security and privacy, ensuring a trustless and transparent experience for every player.

# BitStarz

BitStarz sets a benchmark for provably fair gambling with its wide variety of games including slots, table games, and live games. The site ensures transparency by providing users with tools to verify the fairness of each round of the game. Recognized as the ‘Best Casino of 2017’ by the AskGamblers Awards, BitStarz has cemented its reputation as a reliable and transparent Bitcoin gambling platform.

# Cloudbet

Boasting an impressive portfolio of slots and live dealer games, Cloudbet offers its players a seamless gaming experience combined with the advantages that Bitcoin gambling, such as anonymity and fast transactions, provides. Cloudbet guarantees fair play with its provably fair algortithm, giving users clear evidence that their gaming is untampered with and that every round is indeed fair.


Lastly, there’s This site goes above and beyond to offer a completely transparent and provably fair gaming environment with its array of casino games and sports betting. leverages robust cryptographic tools, allowing users to verify their bets and ensuring every game played is honest and manipulation-free.

To summarize, all these sites have earned their reputation in the Bitcoin gambling community not just by offering a wide variety of games, but also by providing provable transparency and fairness. With this mechanism in place, players can enjoy their gaming experience without any fear of having an unfair losing outcome.

However, every player must undertake their due-diligence before venturing into the world of Bitcoin gambling. They must understand that the ‘provably fair’ system does not essentially make winning easier, but it ensures a fair shot at winning in every game played.

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